Leak detection and repair


We also provide water leak detection equipment along with pipe and cable locators for New York markets. Springfield Plumbing and Heating also offers repair services for equipment. Manufacturer of underground and underwater magnetic pipe and cable location equipment, magnetic field measuring and reporting equipment plus water leak detection equipment. Manufacturers of high quality water leak detection equipment and data loggers including; acoustic water  leak detector, leak  noise correlate, leak noise loggers, correlating loggers, pressure loggers, flow loggers, water meter monitoring.  We are a high-end equipment manufacturer that provide a variety of solutions to meet the demands of the today`s professional water leak detection industry. We are not only equipment manufacturer that also provides specialized services. We strive to understand our clients’ needs and develop the best solution for their demands. Springfield Plumbing and Heating have been manufacturing high quality water leak detection equipment that will be pleased to assist with enquiries for acoustic leak detectors, ground microphones, electronic listening sticks, and leak noise correlates, leak noise loggers and correlating loggers.

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